Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Kaviraj Kitchen


As the founder, Shri Ratanchand Lilaram Chawla a proud migrant from Sindh Pakistan crossed over borders during the partition and little did he know that he would one day be known as the Metal Man of the Kitchen and would manufacture world-class cookware & cookers that suit the timeline of the kitchen needs and food cooking habits and sell these products across India and various parts of the world like, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Birmingham, UAE, Muscat Oman, parts of Africa and exploring more opportunities through this homegrown proudly made in india brand that decided to be vocal serve local and enter global markets since 1973.



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Designed to cook faster and clean easier, Kaviraj will make you want to cook more and actually enjoy it.


With the goal of helping you take back your time and attention in the kitchen, Kaviraj designs cookware for beginners, home chefs and experienced chefs alike. Basically, anyone who loves to enjoy the simplicity of cooking.


Pots and Pans